It’s been a good month here at Thrive in Balance and Thrive Connect radio. New visitors joined us as we celebrated moms. Lot’s of love and appreciation shared as well as useful resources to help the life of any busy woman run a little smoother.

I applaud the women who work to make life richer for the people they love and their communities through intentional acts of kindness and giving. While I appreciate the random acts of kindness movement, it’s the intentional acts that pull at the strings of my heart. Being kind on purpose, loving on purpose, alive on purpose leads to living your most exuberant passionate mom life. Yep, being intentional and on purpose is one of those hidden in plain sight keys to living a passionate life of any kind. It takes acknowledging that you want to have an amazing life and not being afraid to say it and then go for it.

There’s a singer/songwriter that I like a lot. Her name is Christine Kane. I like her for many reasons, mostly because she actively takes what she has and creates more. Here’s what I mean. She began as a singer/songwriter with a knack for not just getting you to sway to the music, she’s also pretty good at inspiring the kind of heart sway that makes you want to be alive, take a chance, go out and live. Her message resonated so strongly in others that she moved from not only singing about life, but helping others discover and create their own “work of art life”. She helps others connect with their passion in a powerful and exciting way.

 She’s gifted at the Exuberant and Passionate part of life.

As the last few interviews wind down, it’s my hope that everyone who listens to these interviews finds something that tickles their passion spot and inspires them to push through any obstacle to uncover their own unique magnificence that leads them on the road to

Find Your Passion Road

Discover Your Passion Road


their most Exuberant and Passionate Life.

 Three cheers for the moms who are doing it and those who are soon to follow.