Author Nina Sutton

Author Nina Sutton

Nina Sutton Author of  The Chic Moms Guide to Feeling Fabulous, says that every mom can be fabulous. Not only does she believe it but her book is dedicated to helping  mom and all women feel chic and fab.

 I like it.

It’s a good thing to be counted in on the Chic and Fab  game, especially when you’re a mom, taking care of everyone, you need Chic and Fab love.

With that in mind, I’m putting in a nudge for moms to take a little self appreciation shopping trip. That’s right, with a wink and a nod, I’m suggesting that you’re  pro-active when it comes to celebrating your special day.

Don’t wait for the gifts to roll in (and I’m sure they will) take a little time to pick something up for yourself. Something that makes you smile. Or if you’re not interested in an item how about doing something  special for yourself like taking a hike by the ocean, or going out for coffee with that friend you love and miss so much or going for the delux pedicure at the spa?  

Being Chic and Fab is different for every woman. If this concept of YOU Chic and Fabulous is too mind warping no worries, Nina Sutton will help. Her book is filled with user friendly, every woman, Chic and Fabulous ideas.

Now go…let your Chic and Fab Shine!

Chic Moms Guide Book CoverTo get the fab vibes flowing visit Nina’s site The Chic Moms Guide I found nice chic enhancing goodies there.