c-jordanmercedes-2009-2051 My best friend’s  mother passed away a few weeks ago. It was very sudden; no one was prepared, as if there is a way to prepare for something like this.   Pat, one of the most positive and loving women I’ve ever known, was not quite sure what was happening to her, she tried to stay strong. A persistent cough and what was thought to be a simple office visit to get something to help clear it up, turned into the discovery of sickness that was quickly invading her body. No one, not ever the doctors understood what was happening. One week she was “young for her age” and a few weeks later she struggled to breath.

 All of her children were there; they expressed love and bonded at new levels as they faced what was before them. While everyone wanted Pat to recover, it became apparent that she was approaching her last days. April 5th was her last day here.

All I wanted was to be close to my best friend, to let her know that she is loved and not alone.  I wanted to be strong for her, tenderly holding her heart at a time when she was not exactly sure what her heart was feeling.

Being strong for Tami is the gift I wanted to give her. She was very close to her mom and they were the real “best friends”. As the weeks went by after her passing, I thought about Pat often. I was glad that she was no longer in pain,  and she’s in a much better place. But it was not until yesterday that I cried.

Like Pat’s illness, it was a surprise cry that suddenly came upon me. I was waking from a nap when I heard a beautiful song playing in the other room. The words and the melody not quite clear;  as I gained full consciousness, without warning, I was weeping.  At that moment  I realized that the song that I heard in the background was my friend Tami, singing a song that she’d written a few years ago for her mom. Previously elusive tears filled my eyes. It was my turn to reflect on Pat and her loving heart.

I can hear her voice saying “hi honey, how are you doing?” Pure sweetness with the comforting voice of a mom. I remember her encouraging me through the transitions of life and celebrating with me in times of triumph. Never a harsh or unkind word, truly a gentle soul.

I will miss Pat, however, it was not until yesterday that I realized that her voice is in my heart; yes her sweet kind voice is in my heart.

This post is a tribute to Pat and to moms like her. You know who you are; you’re the kind of mom who welcomes everyone into your home with grace and kindness. You’re the mom that everyone wishes they had, you’re the mom who is quick to give a hug, not just to your kids, but to any kid that needs one. You’re the kind of mom whose voice will lodge in the heart of another, when they remember your kind and encouraging words.

In our social society people are counted as a part of the “in” crowd when they are considered, cool, hip, chic or when they know a lot of people who are cool, hip, chic and happening now kind of people. Having a loving mom is the ultimate in cool, hip and chic. You can have all of the riches in the world, but nothing compares to a great, loving mom. Three cheers to you amazing moms. May this month at ThriveInBalance  be a joy to your heart as you listen to the wonderful guests who will surely make you laugh and maybe even cry a little.  You are one of the best treasures in life and it is my honor to celebrate you this month, thanks for all you do, you are loved.

Thanks for reading and letting me share about Pat, I love her. I know she loved me… today her voice is in my heart.