group2-405If you’ve spent a little time on the Thrive in Balance site you’ve noticed that I focus on providing you resources, tools and information that may help you live a more organized, healthy and vibrant life. However, I want to be very clear that I’m not advocating that you can’t live or have a good life until your house is in order. That’s just false and it’s a heavy burden to carry. You see, chaos or/and excessive clutter can be such a distraction and energy drain that it keeps us from doing the other things that we often want to do. At least most of the time. And, chances are when your home or work is in chaos, even when you’re out having fun, there is this little nagging pokey thing that reminds you that home is in disaray or maybe it’s the office. Just that little tiny pokey thing can keep you from being in the moment, from being fully engaged in what you are doing and it can steal a little of your fun.

So, as you are on a journey to set Wild Goals, or finally get your home the way you really want it to be, please understand that it’s not about perfection or a condition that says “until my house is in order I can’t live a great life”. You can live a great life from the very moment you decide to do so. The minute your intention is to live and become lovingly engaged in your powerful magnificence, your powerful life you will experience a change…even if you have not washed ONE dirty dish!