Happy LaneMy house welcomes me now. But there was a time when it didn’t. It was too…well, all mixed up and I didn’t know how to unmix it. I was overwhelmed and drained and felt that I couldn’t do it. Fast forward to today and the same house welcomes me and I love being in it. It has become a place of peace, a place where I can rest, love, play, sing and more. I was having a conversation today about how, when I was stuck, I never thought I could get “un-stuck” it just seemed too far out of reach. But something changed when my belief changed. My belief changed, and I began to understand that I could do it a little at a time. So, some days in the beginning I’d just do five things, five little things and that was it. Doing that felt so good that I just kept going and never stopped. It opened a whole world before me. Who would have thought that it was a matter of changing my “mind” my thinking, that lead the way to clear, open spaces in my home and consequently my life.

A few things you can do to create welcoming home:

Remember love- Love can inspire all kinds of beautiful creations including a welcoming home. If you have items that you don’t love. Let them go in what ever way works for you and keep the “things” that you love.

Color-I had the bright (not so bright actually) idea to paint my house three shades of brown, with the darkest being dark chocolate, and I selected very dark wood for my dining room and a dark burgungy accent wall. It was pretty coffee shop like, however in time, I started to feel like I lived in a cave and I’d get kind of blue if I had too many days inside. Goodness then the V-8, thump on the head came. Color has alot to do with how a home feels. If you’re having trouble feeling vibrant and alive check the color and notice how it makes you feel. If you don’t love it change it. Thankfully, I don’t have much dark chocolate left in the house, but there’s still more “paint over” to be done.

Bring in the Green-Plants give life to a space and create a sense of calm and represent natural growth. If you don’t have real live plans consider bringing some in. You can get big giant ones or even a tiny bonsai would work. I think you’ll notice more life right away with the addition of plants.

And last but not least for this post, bring in laughter. Put up art work that makes you smile and gives you a whimsical light hearted feeling. I have a not so great painting that I did, and it’s up on my wall. I love how un-polished it looks and it makes me smile.

I  believe that a home is meant to be life-giving, a place that feels good to be in. And, if you’re like I was, no worries, just start to do a little at a time until the day when you walk in the door and your home welcomes you in.