Wild Goals

I recently had the pleasure of doing a quick interview with Michelle Tunno Buelow of Bella Tunno. After telling me a bit about her company, she said a few things that helped her in starting her business. One stood out…set crazy goals. Hmm…crazy goals huh?

That statement stayed with me as I’ve been working on and thinking about Thrive in Balance and what’s going on here. Last night, I realized that it was time for me to move life forward and set some crazy goals myself. I’m usually the one (and happily so) encouraging others to set crazy goals while I’m content to be the cheerleader and watch from the sidelines, because a part of my real joy is seeing others take wings and fly. Last night, I got a little nudge that it was time for me to begin to set some crazy goals. Only I’m calling my goals. Wild. My Wild Goals. A wild goal is anything that will move you forward and open the way to living a more vibrant life. It can be something as simple as clearing out a drawer to taking singing lessons. A wild goal is moving past something that has blocked your way, held you back or an unfulfilled dream.


I’m going on a 60 day Wild Goal Adventure “The Wild 60”. First I’m starting with a couple of practice days this week. Then the real thing will start. The Wild Goals Adventure. The good thing is that with all of the great interviews and guests that we have at Thrive in Balance, I’ll have lots of great tips and resources to see those goals accomplished. So, here we go. First comes a sort of Beta Test and then the real thing.

The world is filled with adventure and it’s bigger than we know. Outside of our door is a big gigantic world. Can you see it? Do you know that it’s out there waiting for you to show up in all of your brilliance? It’s true. Your gifts, your ideas, you talents are all just outside of the door, some of them are even inside, right where you live.

See you in the Wild 60!